I. site site 1 [saɪt] noun [countable]
1. PROPERTY an area of ground that is used or is going to be used for a particular purpose:

• On any building site, falling is the most frequent type of accident.

• The Sunnyvale City Council last week approved a 186-unit apartment complex on the 4.5 acre site.

• Solectron employs 2,200 people at sites in San Jose and Milpitas.

ˈbrownfield ˌsite PROPERTY
a site used for building where there has already been building, industrial activity etc, especially in a town or city:

• The government wants to raise the proportion of housing built on brownfield sites, rather than on unspoilt countryside.

ˈgreenfield ˌsite PROPERTY
a site used for building where there has never been building or industrial activity in the past:

• As the space requirements of companies changed, they sought more open greenfield sites away from the cities.

ˌwork site also worksite
a building or area where work is done or where something is being built:

• Offices, factories, and other work sites should have a plan in operation for further training of the work force.

2. COMPUTING a website (= place on the Internet where you can find information about something )
destiˈnation ˌsite
COMPUTING a website that people often visit first because it has many link S (= parts you can click on ) that take them to other websites; = portal
  [m0] II. site site 2 verb
be sited in/​near etc PROPERTY be placed or built in a particular area:

• The new factory is to be sited in Fort Collins.

— siting noun [singular] :

• The siting of electricity facilities and their emissions to the atmosphere both raise questions that are becoming more difficult to resolve.

* * *

site UK US /saɪt/ noun [C]
INTERNET a place on the internet where a person, company, or organization can give information about their products or services: »

The student activities page is the most viewed page on the college's site.


eBay was founded as the first internet auction site in 1995.


access/search/visit a site


build/create/design a site


host/set up a site

PROPERTY an area of land or place where a particular business, industrial, manufacturing, etc. activity happens or is planned to happen: »

The plant sits on a 37-acre site in a field off a rural road.


We provide generators and small natural-gas compressors for drilling sites.


Plans by a private property company to build offices on a prime site in Kensington face rejection by local councillors.


This is the proposed site for the gasworks.


a building/construction site

See also BROWNFIELD(Cf. ↑brownfield), DESTINATION SITE(Cf. ↑destination site), GREENFIELD SITE(Cf. ↑greenfield site), MIRROR SITE(Cf. ↑mirror site), OFF-SITE(Cf. ↑off-site), ONSITE(Cf. ↑onsite) adverb, RUN OF SITE(Cf. ↑run of site), SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE(Cf. ↑social networking site), WEBSITE(Cf. ↑website), WORKSITE(Cf. ↑worksite)
site UK US /saɪt/ verb [T, usually + adv/prep] FORMAL PROPERTY
to build something in a particular place: be sited »

The wind turbines would be sited about 20 miles offshore.


The rail company does not need planning permission to erect the communications masts as long as they are sited on railway land.


Siting landfills has become more difficult as public awareness grows.

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